‘It was worth doing’ Student sits GCSE exam just hours after losing everything in Grenfell Tower fire

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  • The school girl who fled down thirteen flights of stairs during the horrific Grenfell Tower with her GCSE science notes in tact has appeared on This Morning to tell of how she sat her exam the very next morning.

    Ines Alves is 16, and said she was asleep in bed when her father burst through the door telling her she needed to get out.

    ‘I was asleep, so I grabbed the closest clothes I had jeans, jumper, I grabbed my phone and left with my chemistry notes,’ she told Friday hosts Eamon and Ruth.

    When asked why sitting the exam was so important to her, she said: ‘I want to take chemistry for A Level and I needed good grades. It’s my strongest science, so I thought it was worth doing it, rather than not doing it.’

    ‘[The fire] was always there, at the back of my mind, but the exam was a way of escaping it, not thinking about it for a while.’

    She was joined on the programme by older brother Tiago, who was clearly in awe of his sister’s dedication.

    ‘At the time, I told her she didn’t have to go in, and I told my dad to ring the school to explain that she wasn’t going to sit the exam, but I knew that it was something she really wanted to do,’ he said. ‘I have no words to describe [how impressed i am.]’

    The fire tore through the West London building early Wednesday morning, and hundreds of residents are still missing. There’s a nationwide effort to provide clothing, food and cash donations, and many nearby residents, including some celebrities, have opened their doors to offer accommodation to the thousands of families left homeless.

    However, the siblings were keen to point out that there were people who were in more need than they are, saying: ‘We are, for now, alright, but there are a lot more families who need this a lot more than us.’

    ‘Personally, we’re quite fortunate that we have family and friends nearby, but there are other families who don’t have places to go nearby. There are people sleeping at the West Way shopping centre in sleeping bags. These are the people that need it more than anyone.’

    Viewers were amazed by Ines’ story, with many reduced to tears by the pair’s incredible bravery. One tweeted: ‘This brother and sister are so amazing, they’ve lost their home too but encourage helping others more. I’m welling up #ThisMorning’.

    ‘Total admiration for the brother & sister who escaped the #Grenfell fire and consider themselves “lucky”. #ThisMorning’, another agreed, whilst a third added: ‘How humble are these to young people .. Sending thought’s and prayers to all #GrenfellTower 😢😢😢😢😢’