Company wins praise after launching ‘amazing’ range of Father’s Day cards for MUMS

A company has launched a range of sweet Father’s Day cards aimed at single mums.

Happy Father’s Day Mum have created three designs to celebrate the work that mums who also play the role of dad undertake every single day, explaining that they’re on a mission to ‘make single mums feel loved, proud and appreciated on Father’s Day.’

The slogans on the cards certainly portray this sense of empowerment, with one saying: ‘If you do both jobs then you should get both cards’ and another reading: ‘Who needs a dad when your mum has balls?’

Stevie Rowing-Parker, the founder of the company, came up with the idea after losing his father at the age of five, and realising that ‘his mum did both mother and father roles so well, why shouldn’t she get both Mother and Father’s Day cards?’

‘He started to buy regular Father’s Day cards, cross out the Dad in ‘Best Dad in the world’ and scribble Mum instead,’ the brand’s website details.

‘The cards made Stevie’s Mum feel loved, proud and appreciated on a day that was normally underlined with sadness.’

‘After seeing what the cards did for his Mum, Stevie wanted to enable other children from single parent households to tell their parents just how proud they are on a day that normally makes them feel sad. And just like that Happy Father’s Day Mum (and Happy Mother’s Day Dad) was born. A card company on a mission to make single parents feel amazing on a day they’d least expect.’

The cards have proved hugely popular on Instagram, with many saying that the idea is ‘brilliant’ and ‘amazing’.

‘Thank you so much for the post 🙌🏻 so so good – my mum is going LOVE it 😘’ one fan commented, whilst a second agreed: ‘Absolutely amazing idea and great design too 👏💗’.

And if you’re wondering whether they’ll be extending the same option to children of single fathers on Mother’s Day, the answer is a resounding YES.

‘100% doing Happy Mother’s Day Dad cards for all the amazing Dads out there,’ Happy Father’s Day confirmed, adding that the extension of the range will be coming in time for Mother’s Day next year.