Hidden sugar in kids foods: What’s in your child’s favourites?

We all know that sweet treats should be given in moderation, but what about all of the hidden sugar lurking in foods you might not expect?

Hidden sugar in kids foods: what’s in your child’s favourites?

We all know that sweet treats like cakes and cookies should be given in moderation – but have you ever wondered how much sugar your child is really eating on a daily basis?

From ready meals to lunch box fillers, some children’s favourites from trusted brands are packed with surprisingly high levels of sugar, and often, it’s lurking in many of the foods that you might not expect. Not only this, but the labelling of sugar is more confusing than ever, with manufacturers referring to the sweet stuff as fructose, dextrose, maltose, sucrose and more.

It’s therefore unsurprising that many parents are feeding their children way above the recommended daily allowance of sugar without even realising – in fact, a study from Birmingham University found that on average, kids in the UK are consuming 75g of sugar a day. That’s around 19 teaspoons, and a staggering four times the amount the guidelines advise.

And it’s not just foods that are rotting kids teeth and affecting their overall health – sugary drink consumption is enormous, with surveys suggesting that children aged four to eight whose parents regularly consume fizzy drinks are almost three times as likely to drink them as other children their age whose parents don’t.

Statistics from Cancer Research UK show that children who start primary school in England at a healthy weight often end up obese or overweight by the time they leave, so it’s important to look at the facts about sugar and ensure that your child’s consumption isn’t leading them down an unhealthy path.

Here, we look at some of the most shocking sugary offenders that could be in your kitchen – from the curry that contains almost twice as much sugar as a McDonalds doughnut to the fruit snack that contains a whopping 17g of sugar in a 25g bag.

Click through to see the full list of kids sugar shockers – we bet you’ll be surprised at what you see…