14 hilariously creative punishments every parent should know about

So many parents get stuck using classic go-to punishments – time out, the naughty step and grounding are usually the first port of call, but if your kids are anything like ours, they’ll already be wise to that.

To truly keep them on their toes and make them realise the consequences of their actions, sometimes you have to think outside the box and get a little more creative – and that’s where these genius acts of discipline come in.

From a simple yet effective hair trick to one of the most hilarious punishments a dad could dole out (shave your knees in preparation, fellas), here are 13 of the most hilariously creative tips and tricks the parents of the internet have to offer. Would you give any of them a go?

1. This surprisingly effective tactic, that lets siblings decide punishments

Image: myboysandme

This genius method of discipline was thought up by blogger and mum of four boys (yes, four) Kerry Gibb. On a particulary naughty day in her household, amid cries of, ‘Mum, he hit me!’ ‘Mum, he took my toy!’, Kerry decided that she was sick of thinking up punishments for them, and decided to let them punish each other (with a little guidance from mum, of course). She swears that her house has never been more harmonious!

2. Teenager acting like they’re in their twenties? This reality check might make them think twice…

Image: Twitter

Something tells us they’ll soon be happy for you to be in charge again.

3. Glitter bottles are a surprisingly great way to get them to calm down in the midst of a strop

My Crazy Blessed Life

Nip that tantrum RIGHT in the bud – and they’ll kind of work on you too… Get the instructions to make your own.

4. Sick of them fighting? A simple item of clothing can put an end to that

Image: Reddit

Meet your new best friend, the Get Along shirt.

5. Or if that doesn’t work, offer to do their hair

Image: Pinterest

The more they pull, the closer they’ll want to be!

6. No, short-haired kids don’t get off lightly, when you can make them do this instead

Image: Pinterest

Trust us – it’s really hard to punch each other if you’ve got no spare hands.

7. Tired of finding clutter everywhere…

Image: Keep Calm Get Organised

You’ll find they suddenly get much less messy when the chore box is introduced.

8. …or forgetting school stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Image: Atomica

More organised, too. Funny that.

9. When it comes to teenagers, the key to their behaviour buttons are the things they cherish the most: their games consoles…

Image: Wanna Joke

Yeah, try putting that disk in and ignoring me now…

10. …the internet…

Image: Razmtaz

Well, they’ve gotta learn what hard work is someday.

11. …and their social media accounts

Image: Imgur

Selfies become a lot less cool when mum and dad start taking them, especially when they get more likes and comments.

12. If it’s clothing that’s a point of contention, you can customise it

Image: Reddit

Just look how proud (of himself) this particular parent is!

13. Or show them exactly why you don’t want them wearing it in the first place

Image: Oddee

Still think short shorts are cute? (Although to be fair, this dad has a great set of legs)

14. Of course, you’ve got to be reasonable and give them the chance to earn their way back into your good books

Image: Imgur

Points mean prizes (or in this case, freedom!)

But if all else fails and they’ve done something completely unforgivable, feel free to take a leaf out of this dad’s book and combine a camcorder and some lethal weaponry

Yeah, um, we have a feeling she won’t be doing THAT again…