‘I judge children by their names’: Katie Hopkins angers Holly on This Morning

3rd July 2013: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are shocked by the opinions of former Apprentice star Katie Hopkins, who says she won’t allow her children to play with children with ‘lower class’ names in this shocking TV interview.

The former Apprentice star appeared on This Morning to discuss the stigma that goes with names such as ‘Tyler’ and ‘Chardonnay’.

In the interview, Katie says that children with names such as these are more likely to have not done their homework, and be a disruptive influence at school.

She even goes so far as to say that ‘children that have intelligent names tend to have fairly intelligent parents, and they make much better playdates for my children.’

She also says that she doesn’t like ‘footballers names… names after seasons of the year… geographical location names’, despite the fact that one of her children is called India, as Phil points out, at which point Holly can’t help but burst into fits of giggles!

At one point during the interview, Holly, who looks horrified at what Katie is admitting to, states, ‘Listen to what you’re saying. You judge children – on their names!’

At the end of the interview Holly loses her cool completely and tells Katie, ‘Oh stop. Stop right there’, and ends the interview!

You can watch the video below, it’s a must see!

We’d love to hear your opinions on this. Do you think it’s right that Katie restricts who her children are friends with based on the names of the other children? Let us know in your comments section below.

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