How to make gingerbread Christmas decorations

Keen to make the tree look special? Help the children learn how to make gingerbread Christmas decorations by following these simple craft instructions. These adorable Christmas decorations would look great hung from the tree, are fun to make, and are sure to impress all your Christmas visitors.

How to create gingerbread Christmas decorations:

Time: 1 hour, plus drying time

Skill level:  Beginner

Gingerbread Christmas decorations equipment: 

  • Air dry clay
  • Gingerbread man cookie cutter
  • Small star cutter
  • Ceramic paint
  • Ribbon
  • Green beading wire
  • Self adhesive eyes

Gingerbread Christmas decorations instructions:

Roll out a piece of air dry clay on a clean and dry flat surface.

Cut out gingerbread man shapes using the cookie cutter and imprint with a star. 

Make a small hole near the top edge of each gingerbread man and for his mouth using a skewer, then leave to dry for 24 hours.

Paint with ceramic paint, then leave to dry before baking in an oven following the instructions on the bottle. 

 Add a pair of wobbly eyes and finally, thread with a length of thin ribbon or green beading wire to hang your gingerbread Christmas decoration from the tree.

Please note: These Gingerbread Christmas decorations are not edible.

You will find all of the items to make this project at your local Hobbycraft store and online at Project and images courtesy of

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