How to organise your family photos

Do you find yourself with hundreds of photos but no idea what to do with them? Here’s some ideas of fun things to do with your family photos:

Use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to make them into a slideshow

Making a slideshow is a really good way to show off your photos and it’s easy to take it along on a USB stick when you’re going to visit family and friends.

Using PowerPoint 2010 you can add special effects to your images, plus brighten them up with colourful backgrounds and captions.

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See our step-by-step gallery of how to easily put together a fun slide show presentation of your photos

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Use your photos for cards

Relatives will love homemade cards with photos of the kids on! Microsoft Word 2010 has templates you can use to help you layout your pictures and text.

* Getting started: Go to File > New > Cards and select a template.
* Add a picture: Go to Insert > Pictures.
* Adjust your pictures: Select ‘Picture Tools’ to add borders, change the shape of your picture and adjust the colour, brightness and contrast.
* Add Word Art: Go to Home > Text Effects.
* Add a border: Go to Page Layout > Page Borders.
* Add shapes: Go to Insert > Shapes. You can choose from smiley faces, hearts, stars, arrows, flags and loads more. Change the fill colour and the outline colour, plus add effects like reflection, glow or shadow.

Make them into a collage or album

It’s an oldie but a goodie – you can easily pass a few hours making up a photo album. You could also buy a frame and get the kids to make a collage of their favourite pictures.

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