Victoria Beckham: ‘I’m too skinny’

Victoria Beckham is reportedly planning to use body shaping underwear to give herself a shapelier behind.

Posh is said to have asked her dVb designers to sew Spanx Body Shapers into her jeans.

‘Victoria never had much of a bottom and has always felt it’s too skinny,’ says a source. ‘So she came up with this idea of padding out her jeans.

‘Victoria says David is a real bum man and she thinks the Spanx idea will work,’ explains the source. ‘David will love it.’

Meanwhile, Posh, 33, is also said to be a fan of a £55 face cream called Natralox, which acts like a natural Botox.

‘The cream was sent to Victoria some months back and we received a message from her people saying she loved it so we sent more,’ Daniel Maung, the UK distributor of Natralox, tells Grazia.

Apester Lazyload