Mum calls out Facebook fans who approve of her bikini photos but criticise breastfeeding pics

A mum-of-three from Missouri, USA, has called out the hypocrisy of people liking a photograph of her in a bikini but criticising a picture of her breastfeeding.

Jackie Owens, who is a ring girl at mixed martial arts matches (MMA), has taken to Facebook to call out those people who can’t see the inconsistency in liking one picture but not the other.

Jackie, who also works as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens, posted two photographs of herself to the Badass Breastfeeder Facebook page, one showing her in a bikini and another in the bath breastfeeding her youngest daughter.

Jackie, who has been engaged to fiancé Justin since September 2014, explained her story alongside the images; ‘I’ve shared my nursing photo (on right), on breastfeeding page threads several times. It is currently circulating and being shared on Facebook and Instagram breastfeeding pages, which I absolutely LOVE. Because it should be seen and normalized.

‘I am an MMA ring girl, which I also love. I am paid to wear similar bikinis, booty shorts, revealing tops, take pictures with fighters and members of the audience.

Jackie Owens

Jackie Owens updated her cover photo.

‘These pictures also circulate through the Internet: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos of fights, people that I don’t even know share pictures with me on pages of theirs.’

Jackie’s story has already gone viral, being shared over 140,000 times and liked by 1.4k users on the breastfeeding fan page.

The mum continued; ‘I have received an amazing amount of support, and criticism, on both. Ironically, on different ends of the spectrum, even from the same individuals.

‘If seeing the picture on the left is ok with you, then seeing the picture on the right should be ok with you.’

Commenters have been quick to support Jackie, calling out those who disapprove of her breastfeeding.

Heather Matthews said; ‘You look gorgeous in both, but the breastfeeding pic is stunningly beautiful…displays a mother’s love all the way! Ridiculous that people don’t see that.’

Savanah Puckett said; ‘I think it’s because people are afraid of intimacy. Unfortunately, it’s all about the patriarchy. It’s easy to objectify a woman in a bikini, not as easy when there’s a baby involved.’