William ‘very bruised’ by Kate photo scandal

There seems to be no escaping the attention of the press for Kate Middleton… even on holiday!

We were shocked to hear that paparazzi had taken photos of Kate Middleton while she was on her recent ‘babymoon’ holiday in Mustique with Prince William.

Paparazzi are banned from the Caribbean island, but Italian magazine Chi used photographers with long lenses to snap the pregnant princess in her bikini as she and William walked along a beach. They also took photos of Kate’s sister Pippa in her bikini.

This latest breach of the princess’s privacy comes just five months after French magazine Closer and the Irish Daily Star published topless photos of her on a previous holiday in a French chateau. Last night, royal sources said that Prince William was ‘deeply disappointed’ that the pictures had been taken and that he felt ‘very bruised’ by the intrusion into his wife’s privacy. But both he and Kate are resigned to the fact that they are powerless to stop them being published.

Australian magazine Woman’s Day says it is going to print the ‘baby bump’ pictures, seeing them as a celebration of Kate looking ‘amazing, fit and fabulous’. The pictures were even shown accidentally on British TV when ITV’s This Morning showed them without blacking them out.

What do you think? Is this all part and parcel of being married to a prince or are you appalled at the breach of Kate’s privacy? Tell us in our comments section below

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