Revealed: Kate’s maternity leave start date

Kate Middleton is now almost 8 months pregnant, and with just a few weeks to go until her due date, the Duchess is soon to hang up her hats and dress coats and go on maternity leave.

Kate was looking pretty bumpy at the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation on June 4 (pictured), and it’s clear that it won’t be long now until the royal bundle is born, so when can we last expect to see Kate before she takes a maternity break?

Well, sources say that Kate’s last official engagement will be on June 13, (that’s exactly a month before her due date), where the Duchess will christen a cruise ship in Southampton, before putting her feet up until the baby’s born.

Apparently Kate’s been keen to continue her royal duties throughout her pregnancy, but it looks like she’ll be taking a month off at the end to prepare for the birth. We wonder what she still has to do on her list? Painting the nursery? Buying endless amounts of tiny socks and nappies…?

We hope the Duchess enjoys some relaxing time off before her little one arrives, but don’t be gone too long Kate, we’ll miss you!

How long before you were due did you go on maternity leave? Let us know in the comments section below.

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