Peaches Geldof’s last TV appearance on This Morning

When we heard the shocking and sad news that Peaches Geldof had died, the team at goodtoknow were reminded of this video of her that we featured in March.

Peaches was involved in a debate with commentator Katie Hopkins on the pros and cons of a parenting strategy called attachment parenting (AP).

The movement uses 7 Bs to represent the the tools of attachment parenting. These are: Bonding (close attachment after birth); Breastfeeding; Babywearing (using baby slings); Bedding close to your baby (co-sleeping); Belief in your baby’s cry (no controlled crying); Beware of baby trainers; Balance (knowing when to say no).

After the debate, the general consensus on social media was that Peaches’ articulate and thoughtful argument had triumphed over Katie’s opinions. She stuck to her argument and didn’t rise to provocation. We, at goodtoknow, had a new-found respect for Peaches and her commitment to her parenting beliefs.

Watch the video below

Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this extremely sad time.

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