Katie Price has announced she’s heading to Parliament in a bid to change the law on online abuse

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  • Katie Price has announced on Loose Women that she’s heading to Parliament next month in the hope of changing the law on online abuse.

    When discussing the big news with the panellists, she said: ‘Last year I set up a petition which got over 220,000 signatures.’

    However, everything came to a halt due to the general election in which Theresa May became Prime Minister.

    When asked what her petition was for she replied: ‘To make online abuse a criminal offence’.

    But now everything is back on track and Parliament have requested her presence next month when they’ll be discussing the issue.

    ‘On 6th February, me, my mum and Harvey are going to the Parliament Select Committee to discuss it, and hopefully Pricey can change the law!’

    She said that with everything going online these days and with social media, changing this law is ‘important’.

    Katie explained that this issue is very personal to her, because of the online abuse her son Harvey has received in the past.

    ‘The reason I started it was not just because of [Harvey] – it can help other people – but he was getting trolled so much about his colour, his size, his condition, and although I had people arrested the police couldn’t take it any further because there’s nothing in place’, she said.

    The mum-of-five believes that if people spend their time trolling others and committing online crimes, it should be put onto their criminal record as an offence.

    That way if the person is applying for a job or account somewhere, the records will show the offences and this could hopefully prevent people from getting into positions where they might be able to commit the awful bullying again.

    Katie explained: ‘What I’m going to set up is a place for victims to get help.’

    She believes that overall it would probably help to prevent many suicides and anyone who is a victim of online bulling in general.

    When asked if she was nervous about heading to Parliament and making her case by fellow pannelist Stacey Solomon, Katie said she was ready for the new challenge.

    ‘I’m on fire’, she said. ‘If I change the law, it’s all down to moi.’