‘Take the bottle away’ Katie Price slammed by followers over latest picture of Bunny

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  • Katie Price has come under fire once again for appearing to give her children juice from a bottle.

    The mum-of-five shared a picture of her youngest daughter Bunny looking happy, if a little messy, after having fun in the great outdoors. ‘My Bunny loves getting dirty outside,’ she wrote alongside the sweet Instagram snap of the little one.

    My Bunny loves getting dirty outside

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    Many complimented Katie, 39, for sharing the candid image, telling her that a ‘mucky kid is a happy kid’.

    ‘Love how your kids are brought up free from restrictions while they play. Too many fussy materialist mams who dress & use their kids as fashion accessories. Happy kids you have,’ one applauded.

    However, some of Katie’s other followers were distracted by the item that Bunny was holding – a Tommee Tippee bottle filled with what seemed to be juice.

    ‘Juice from a bottle is the highest cause of childhood decay. A beautiful baby girl,’ one wrote in the comment section, whilst a second agreed: ‘Take the bottle away,sge has an open bite caused by that. it could save her from having orthodontics’.

    After some of Katie’s fans began to defend her from the criticism, calling it no ‘big deal’, another added: ‘If anyone could see what happened to my friend’s child’s teeth because of drinking juice through a bottle I swear people would think it was a big deal…’

    Breakfast time

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    Although the Loose Women panellist has not yet addressed the comments herself, plenty of her supporters have responded to the posts, saying that they’d given similar drinks to their own children without encountering any problems.

    ‘Looking for the “super mum” comments about the bottle. Like you’ve never given ur kids a bottle of pop at some point!!!’ one exclaimed.

    ‘Here goes the perfect parents / parent police. My daughter refused to drink out of a cup or any other bottle until she was 2,’ another empathised.

    ‘It was really difficult getting her to drink any water/squash unless it was from her milk bottle. So all you perfect parents on here why don’t you all focus on your on life instead of giving out unwanted advice. Oh and I’m a dental nurse 👍🏼 don’t mean I’ve followed the book. If it’s the only way to get fluids down my daughter then she will drink out of what she wants 👍🏼’

    It’s not the first time that Katie has faced negativity from fans over the issue, having shared several images of Bunny and her older son Jett both drinking from bottles in the past.

    Back in April 2016, she hit back at remarks on a picture of Bunny with her father Kieran Hayler drinking juice in the same way.

    ‘My kids are very happy and healthy and I’m sure I know what I’m doing after having 5 kids,’ she said on the original post at the time.