Katie Price slammed for ‘using’ her kids in promotional Instagram videos

Katie Price has come under fire yet again for her parenting choices – this time, followers are accusing of ‘using’ her children for profit.

Having used her social media a few times in the last few months to promote HeyLikeWow fruit drinks, which she’s an ambassador for, some of Katie’s followers have lashed out at her decision to involve her children in the marketing campaign.

Katie recently posted an video to her Instagram account featuring Princess and Junior chatting about their favourite flavours of the sugar-free drinks. The siblings bicker about which flavour is ‘better’ and who can pop the lid off the fastest!

However, some of Katie’s fans were less than impressed with the short clip, explaining that they felt Katie was exploiting her children by using them to advertise the product.

One follower exclaimed: ‘@officialkatiepricewrong just wrong! Staged, edited’ whilst another wrote: ‘Nothing like using your kids to make money!’

‘So bad using your kids for profit. So wrong on all levels,’ said a third.

The comments appear to have had an affect on Katie, who was back on the photo sharing platform the very next day to defend her kids’ participation.

In candid clip of her at home with 12-year-old Junior, Katie asks her son about the online response.

‘People are saying why am I promoting you, to promote a drink when I’m trying to sell it,’ she says to him in the video.

‘Well, why am I not allowed to say what I like?’ he asks.

Katie argues that the videos aren’t a promotion, that she simply buys the drinks in Tesco for her family to enjoy, as they’re a low-sugar alternative to fizzy drinks and juice.

‘Call me [out] for letting the kids have drinks that are totally sugar free full of vitamins and amazing for Harv too that they love??’ she captioned the video. ‘Better than them drinking fizzy drinks or juice! Have a day off …’.

As a result, many of the mum-of-five’s other followers have left her supportive messages addressing the criticism.

‘I’m sure she has made enough money and doesn’t need to exploit her kids to do so….why can’t people get a life and leave the women alone… using the word groomed?? Really? Get a life and stop following her if you don’t like what she posts! Simples,’ said one.

Another added: ‘Even if they were promoting the drinks, who cares. They obviously like them and enjoy them or wouldn’t want say how good they are. I’ve never heard of Hey Wow drinks before so it’s good to hear about new stuff that’s kid approved!’