Kerry Katona reveals she will always battle drugs

Kerry Katona has revealed that she still considers herself an ‘addict’.

The ex-Atomic Kitten singer, 27, acknowledges that the temptation to take drugs again will always be there.

‘I will be recovering for the rest of my life,’ she says. ‘I will always be an addict.’

Pregnant Kerry says she’s been drugs-free since 2005 and reckons Amy Winehouse, 24, and Britney Spears, 26, are still in trouble because they don’t recognise they’re out of control.

‘I think they are a lost cause and Britney Spears seriously needs help,’ she tells More.

If she were to relapse herself, the mum-of-three insists she’d book herself right back into rehab.

‘It was hard, but also enjoyable,’ she admits. ‘I would go back tomorrow.’

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