Kids’ party games

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  • Throwing a kids’ birthday party? We’ve rounded up some classic kids party games and given them a twist to make them even more fun!

    Kids party game trends come and go, but if you ask us, the traditional ones never go out of style. Whether it’s running around outside playing sardines, bashing a piñata to reveal the stash of Haribo hidden inside, or dressing up in costumes and singing their heart out on a couple of plastic microphones, we defy you to find any kids that won’t get on board with at least a handful of these activities.

    All of these game ideas require minimal set up, and you won’t have to break the bank to buy expensive prizes or treats. There’s something for all ages – we’ve road-tested these on quite a few mini masterminds, and found that most of them go down just as well with 13 years olds as they do with 3 year olds too!

    And the best thing? You probably played these kids party games as a child, so after a quick jog of the memory, you’ll be fully equipped to lead a round of musical bumps and bob for apples with the best of them. Who knows, maybe the other mums and dads will even join in and wander down memory lane as well?

    You’ve got enough to be thinking about when it comes to party planning, with the cake, the invites and the party bags, to name just a few, so let us take the hard work out of the games.

    Here are 25 of the best cheap, easy and fun kids party game options we know… now the only decision will be whittling it down to your favourites!

    Which party games do your children love the most? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.