Kids stocking filler ideas: New ideas for what to put in their Christmas stockings

A staple part of Christmas morning as a child is of course, checking your stocking to see what Santa has delivered over night.

Being a parent can be difficult to juggle the expectation of Christmas presents, finding something that they will love for their stocking presents whilst not taking away from their main presents or spending a fortune!

We’ve put together a list of stocking filler ideas that will never get old and are fail safe to put a smile on your little Christmas elf’s face. These ideas can be used over and over again, they’re not trend or product dependent and some can even become cute¬†Christmas traditions!

Magazine or comic

Pop their favourite magazine or comic in their stocking for a cheap but always appreciated gift. You can keep changing this as they get older and their tastes change.

A coin

Giving a 50p or £1 coin in a stocking is a popular tradition that parents can do every year. If you want to make this tradition extra special you could decide on something particular to spend the money on, maybe letting your child donate it to a charity of their choice or even just letting them pick their favourite pick and mix sweets on Boxing Day.

A piece of fruit

This is another popular tradition that has been around for years. Putting a favourite piece of fruit in a stocking is an inexpensive way of filling space and a sweet treat they can eat whilst opening their presents.


Christmas is a day of indulging after all, so why not spoil your little one and let them go sugar crazy for one day. Throw in a box of their favourite chocolates or a few different sweets and watch them open with delight!

A Christmas ornament

If you start to buy your child a new Christmas ornament every year they will slowly build up their collection and one day have the perfect set for their own Christmas tree. Adorable!


Christmas is a great period for lounging around in pyjamas and by getting your children a new pair of Christmas pyjamas every year they will have something to look forward to putting on for that special day.

Snow globe

Snow globes are reminiscent of that wonderfully wintery time of the year that we all love and a sweet, nostalgic present to give in a stocking. You could stay with a traditional theme or make your own with a picture of your family in the middle.


You can adjust this idea to your child’s age. When they are smaller things like crayons and felt tips would be perfect but once in secondary school they will love having brand new pencil cases to start back at school with.


This one doesn’t have to be expensive, you can pick up DVDs from supermarkets or pound shops for really reasonable prices but seems like quite a special present. Having a new DVD also means you have something to watch on Christmas evening when the sherry has all got a bit much!

A joke present

Throwing in something funny like a whoopee cushion or slime is fun for the whole family and is no doubt going to entertain kids all day!

Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a super fun present that can work for boys or girls, they will love trying them on as a special treat for Christmas.

Game for Christmas Day

From a pack of cards to a board game, this will give you all something to do after opening presents and something the whole family can enjoy. This can be altered as your child gets older, letting you pick harder and more mature games.