13 kids that absolutely DID NOT want a sibling

Deciding to have another child is a big decision and a very exciting one.

But as you prepare to welcome baby number two, three, four or however many you have, there is one very important job. You have to break the news to your existing band of sproglets.

While many siblings-to-be are simply over-the-moon with the thought of having a new baby brother or sister, sometimes their reactions are slightly more… shall we say ‘mixed’?

And, even when the new baby is born, the older siblings can get a bit upset that you’ve tried to improve on the perfection you clearly hit on the first time.

Here are our favourite examples of pregnancy announcements and new arrivals that didn’t go exactly to plan when it came to their big brothers and sisters…

1. The youngest child who is NOT happy about becoming baby number four

At least they’ve got a few months to prepare!

2. The little boy who was just fine being an only child before the new baby came


3. The three little girls who are less than enthusiastic about their new brother or sister

Image: Imgur

You’d have thought at least ONE of them would be pleased!

4. These parents who didn’t want another girl… and their daughter took it personally

Image: Imgur
‘My friend’s family wore the colors of the gender they preferred for the new baby…’

5. The big brother who’s done it all before

Image: Etsy

6. Some toddlers were clearly not happy they had to give up their cot

Image: Pinterest

7. Not happy at all…

Image: Pinterest

8. Sorry, your time is up

Image: Pinterest

9. This little girl was distraught right from the very beginning

Image: Baby Center

10. While this little boy actually seemed to take the news really well…

Image: Pinterest

11… Until he found out it was twins

Image: Pinterest

12. But it’s not just kids that are affected… even pets can get upset at the thought of a new addition

Image: Reddit

Although we don’t think the dog is quite as upset as the new brother…

13. And finally, the girl who knows exactly how to show her new sibling how she feels

Image: Imgur

Brutally honest. What a gal.