Mum reveals breastfeeding aversion that made her want to ‘rip her child from her breast’

A 29-year-old mother of two has spoken out about the trauma she feels when breastfeeding, in a bid to raise awareness for other women struggling to feed their babies.

Lacey Barratt is a professional photographer from Melbourne, Australia, and specialises in family photography – particularly raw, emotional images of mothers and babies.

Much of her work shows intimate moments between a parent and child, such as new born babies breastfeeding for the first time. Mixed amongst these images are candid shots of Lacey herself breastfeeding her own young children, and at first glance these beautiful pictures look like many other breastfeeding photos of a mother and her child. So you might be surprised to know that Lacey suffers from something known as ‘breastfeeding aversion’.

This means that the natural act of feeding her child leaves her feeling anxious, irritated and wanting to ‘rip her child off her breast’.

Lacey revealed her experience to Daily Mail Australia saying, ‘It is the feeling of heebeejeebees when feeding your babe. It is intense irritability. Intense frustration and intense emotional distress.

‘As soon as baby latches, you want to rip them off. Or at least, that is what it is like for me.’

Things got so bad for Lacey that she had to walk away from her screaming one-year-old son at 3am because she couldn’t cope with feeding him. She remembered, ‘The more he screamed, the more I refused to offer him boob. So much so that I became so annoyed, I got in the car and left. It was around 3am’.

Lacey’s mission is to share her story in order to help other mums that also feel distressed by breastfeeding. Lacy said, ‘I think by speaking out about the negatives of breastfeeding, as well as the positives, it’s a good way to let women know… you’re not broken or dysfunctional.’

From her own experience, Lacey knows how isolating this condition can be and learning that you’re not alone can make a huge difference. It’s because of this Lacy wants to reach out to mums all over the world and tell them, ‘Aversions don’t last forever. They are generally short lived and able to be worked through.

‘You are not a bad mum if you feel these feelings. You are actually a very normal mum’.

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