Let a Blue Box of essentials make your life easier

Every day, the little things you do make a difference to your own and others’ lives and when these ordinary actions are added together, the positive impact can be extraordinary. That’s why P&G – the company behind some of our best-loved brands including Ariel and Pampers – has launched the Everyday Effect campaign.

Have you noticed how having clean hair can make you a little more confident? How fresh clothes can get your day off to a better start? The little things we do in our own bedrooms, bathrooms, back gardens and over breakfast are really significant – this is the power of the ‘Everyday Effect’

In celebration of the Everyday Effect, P&G has designed a brilliant Blue Box to help you discover the power of the Everyday Effect. Packed full with their latest and greatest product innovations including products from Olay, Lenor, Always and Pantene, they’re here to make your everyday life that little bit easier.

P&G is giving away 3,500 Blue Boxes, full of essentials to help you cherish life’s little moments. So apply for your box today and experience the Everyday Effect for yourself!