17 brilliant life lessons we learned from the children of The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds

Channel 4’s new show, The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds, might just be our favourite thing we’ve seen this year! Following the actions of a group of 4-year-old children as they make their way through the confusing world of nursery school, it’s a fantastic way to see what they really get up to when the grown ups aren’t around.

These precocious little tots are full of valuable wisdom that even the wisest of adults should heed. From forming friendships to throwing a birthday bash, here are 17 lessons we learned from these little ones and their hilarious one-liners…

1. First things first. Know how to handle yourself in the playground

2. And don’t take rudeness from anyone

3. Confidence will get you far

4. So have faith in your own character

5. But don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism to others

6. Particularly when it comes to their eating habits

7. Just make sure you follow up with impeccable manners and you’ll be fine

8. Sharing is important

9. Even when it doesn’t come naturally

10. Because it’ll win you more friends in the end

11. And good buddies have always got your back

12. When throwing a party, don’t be afraid to name drop to fill up the guest list

13. Always use your imagination to the best of your ability

14. Especially when it helps you come up with excellent creative putdowns

15. Above all, have fun, make friends, and dream big…

16. …but don’t be afraid to give up on a lost cause

17. After all, it’ll just give you more time and energy to pursue your ultimate goals