‘I am somebody’ Heart-warming moment Down’s syndrome boy leads his class with special poem

A little boy with Down’s syndrome has shown amazing courage and heart when he lead his entire class at school in a recital of a special poem.

In a video which has gone viral, the little boy stands proudly in front of his entire class to lead his class mates in a rendition of the poem.

The sweet video has been getting a lot of attention after people all over the world felt affected by the beautiful words and the sweet natured boy saying them.

The little boy featured in the video has been revealed as Winston, a six-year-old student from Minneapolis, who has Down’s syndrome.

The lovely video sees Winston stand in front of his whole class and recite the poem ‘I Am Somebody’ line for line, each time waiting for his class mates to echo him.

The poem, which has a hugely positive message encouraging the children to be their best self and achieve their ambitions, reads:

I am somebody I am capable and loving
I am teachable Therefore I can learn I can do anything if I try I can go to college
I’ll be the best I can be Each day!
Each day!
Each day!
I will not waste time
Because it’s too valuable
And I’m too precious and bright I am somebody You are somebody We are somebody

The whole class seems to love taking part, cheering and shouting at the positive words Winston says.

What’s more, Winston seems to be really encouraged by taking the lead and having the whole class following him. We think his teacher needs a pat on the back for teaching those children to aim for the stars in such a nice way!

Have your children ever been taught this poem at school, or one similar? Share it in our comment box for other parents to use!