Nadia Sawalha admits she ‘sobbed her eyes out’ after giving birth because her vagina was ‘so deformed’

Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha has revealed on the show that she ‘sobbed’ when she saw her vagina after giving birth.

The mum-of-two shared the intimate information when the panel were discussing vagina dysmorphia, after it was revealed there has been a 45% per cent rise in labiaplasty procedures in 2016.

Speaking about her own experience of vagina dysmorphia, Nadia said: ‘I certainly remember after I had my baby sitting there with my legs open and a mirror and sobbing my eyes out because now it was so deformed.

‘And that’s a kind of dysmorphia isn’t it, a kind of warped, overblown idea,’ she added.

But after the 52-year-old’s very personal revelation, fellow panellist Andrea McLean asked her why she looked at the area in the first place, and Jane Moore agreed that she’s never looked.

‘If you did a line-up of ten vaginas, I genuinely wouldn’t know which was mine,’ she confessed.

But Nadia wasn’t the only one who admitted to have taken a peek down there, with Stacey also revealing she looked after she gave birth to her son Zach.

The panel were discussing vagina dysmorphia

‘Sometimes you have to, when I had Zach, I had to look and check my stitches. Also I wanted to look,’ Stacey explained, before admitting she still feels ‘conscious’ about it.

‘Even before I was conscious of it; I had those insecurities definitely. But now if you’ve had children and you meet someone else you think; is it a bit big now, is it massive? I do feel really conscious about it’, the former I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here star confessed.

Vagina dysmorphia is a type of body dysmorphia, an anxiety disorder that causes a person to have a distorted view of their appearance and spend a lot of time worrying about how they look.

However, some viewers were not happy about the panel’s discussion, which some considered to be a bit too much for daytime TV.

One wrote on Twitter: ‘Why am I listening to @loosewomen discuss vaginas at 1pm on an afternoon!’

While another said: ‘Disgusted with the topics on today’s show, lunch time show and your talking about vaginas! What the hell is happening here??????’