Parents criticise Louise Redknapp for ‘swearing’ during It Takes Two performance

Louise Redknapp has come under fire from viewers who felt that her recent performance on Strictly Come Dancing’s It Take Two spin-off used inappropriate language.

The star took to the stage on the BBC show to perform one of her classic hits, 2 Faced, but not everyone was impressed with the lyrics of the former Top 10 number.

The word ‘b*tching’ is repeatedly used throughout the song, to the disappointment of some viewers who had been watching the programme with their children.

‘@bbcstrictly not sure I’m happy about my 8 year old singing stop your bitching at the top of her voice! Thanks #ItTakesTwo not appropriate for before 7pm,’ wrote one viewer on Twitter, whilst another added: ‘#ItTakesTwo #StrictlyComeDancing #louiseredknapp Family programme? Not today! Louise Redknapp singing lyrics with b**ch every 5 seconds. Time to find the remote control.’

Louise is facing backlash over her performance

However, not everyone felt so strongly about the use of the word airing pre-watershed, with many other audience members taking to social media to the singer’s defence after seeing the critical comments.

‘The people who are complaining about @LouiseRedknapp saying the word B*tching on tv need to have a long hard look at themselves. Pathetic. #ItTakesTwo’ declared one fan.

‘People b*tching about the word b*tching in Louise Redknapps song? Come on folks, get a life!?! #louiseredknapp #b*tching’ another wrote.

‘Omg people complaining that Louise Redknapp said “b*tching” in her song coz it was on before the watershed. 😂😂 get a grip,’ a third fellow parent agreed. ‘My 4yr old says b*tchin all the damn time because eleven says it lol how is it even bad? People need to stop b*tching about it tbh’.

What do you think? Would you be happy for your child to sing along to a song featuring the word ‘b*tching’? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!