Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert reveals she’s expecting her first child in the cutest way

Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert has revealed that she’s expecting her first child with husband Dave Nehdar on social media.

The 33-year-old actress took to Twitter to announce her lovely baby news, but she had a little help from another member of the family.

The actress recruited her dog Kitty to help her make the announcement, who was wearing a t-shirt saying: ‘My mom is having a baby and all I get is this silly t-shirt’.

Just in case that wasn’t enough, the mummy-to-be wrote: ‘Kitty doesn’t seem as excited as we are about this…I’m pregnant!!!! My husband and I are thrilled & so thankful’.

Lacey with her Mean Girls co-stars

It’s not the first time Lacey has used Twitter to break important personal news. In 2014, she announced she was starting the year as a married woman, after a romantic wedding during the holidays.

At the time, she wrote: ‘I’m starting off 2014 as a Mrs! Over the holidays, my best friend & love of my life…we became husband & wife! #soblessed #love’

The wedding was kept secret and she didn’t even reveal the name of her husband then, but he was later revealed as being David Nehdar.

She also posted a picture of her big day in her beautiful wedding dress on Instagram accompanied by her sister Crissy.

We’re pretty sure her child will be faced with a lifetime of Mean Girls references, but Lacey previously said in interview with the Huffington Post that she’s glad to have been part of something ‘timeless’.

‘It’s a film with universal themes. Everyone can relate to being bullied. Everyone can relate to wanting to fit in and being part of a clique,’ she said. ‘People relate to it. And it’s genuinely funny. It’s still funny. The comedy in it is timeless. It’s a really funny movie and I’m so glad to be a part of it.’