Mel B speaks out on those domestic abuse rumours

On Christmas Day, Mel B shared this gorgeous family photo with fans. To anyone it looks like a healthy, happy and loving family enjoying a fun-packed festive period, but for weeks the X Factor judge has been caught in the middle of a domestic violence scandal, with rumours flying that husband Stephen Belafonte violently attacked her.

Until now, Mel had decided to keep quiet on the matter, despite husband Stephen publicly denying the rumours, but the ex-Spice Girl has finally decided to speak up, hopefully putting the rumours to bed once and for all.

Tweeting to fans, Mel assured the public that her husband wouldn’t lay a hand on her and explained the reason she’d kept quiet was to avoid further fuelling any rumours.

Speculation first arose that Stephen had attacked Mel when she was rushed to hospital with an undisclosed illness and forced to miss the first part of this year’s X Factor live final

The star then returned to the judging panel for the Sunday night show, but alarmed fans by sporting what appeared to be cuts and bruises on her arms and face.

It didn’t take long for the rumours of domestic violence to spread via Twitter. Mel’s teenage daughter, Phoenix, was quick to jump to her stepfather’s defence saying:

‘Can everyone just chill he didn’t hit my mom don’t know how that stupid rumour came up,’.

But the 39-year-old mother of three kept quiet on the matter, causing even more speculation.

We’re glad that things seem rosy again between Stephen and Mel and we very much hope that’s an end to the matter.