Miscarriage tattoos: The touching way that people are honouring their loss

More and more women (and men) are choosing to mark the loss of their child with a permanent reminder: a miscarriage tattoo.

Whether it’s a first inking or an addition to an already extensive collection of artwork, commemorating a baby with a miscarriage tattoo has become a source of comfort for an increasing number of families.

Designs for miscarriage tattoos range from big and bold to small and subtle, sometimes including dates, names or other details that are significant to their particular story. Yet whatever style of tattoo is chosen, the sentiment behind it is always equally emotional, and makes for an exceptionally touching tribute.

Of course, everyone copes with a miscarriage differently, and you may prefer to represent your love for your baby in a different way – some plant flowers, keep memory boxes or name a star after their child, for instance.

But if you’re considering getting a miscarriage tattoo of your very own? Here are 13 stunning designs from around the internet to inspire you:

Angel wings are a popular motif

Baby 🦋 love.

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As are footprints


Nature can also make for a beautiful theme

From images inspired by the sea


To small, sweet floral tributes

You could use a quote which gave you strength

Or just a word, if you prefer

Symbols alone can be impactful

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And the smallest tattoos can represent the biggest things

You could incorporate a splash of colour

Some parents choose to include a date

Whilst others opt for the name they’d picked out

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Ultimately, the meaning behind the image will always be yours

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Would you ever get a tattoo to mark a miscarriage or other loss? Or do you already have a miscarriage tattoo that you cherish? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.