5 easy ways to get a better mobile deal

Looking for a new mobile phone contract can be a minefield – there are thousands of contracts and hundreds of different handsets.

It’s hard to know where to start and to avoid getting tied into a lengthy contract that could last up to two years.

However, there are some easy tips you can follow that will help make the process easier… and cheaper!

Pay for what you use

Take a look at a past bill to see how much of your current minutes, texts and data allowance you use. Also check to see if you’ve ever exceeded them. This will help you when looking at new deals.

Use nifty online tools

Websites Mobilife.com and Billmoniter.com connect with your current online mobile account and analyse the way you use your phone before recommending which deals would be best for you.

Compare deals

Use comparison websites like uSwitch.com, MoneySupermarket.com and Omio.com to compare deals. Also try MobilePhoneChecker.co.uk as it compares smaller networks and retailers, as well as the big guys.

What’s the total cost?

Calculate the total cost of the contact, as well as looking at how much it will cost you each month, to effectively compare deals.

Threaten to leave

If you’re nearing the end of your contract then call up your current network and try and negotiate a better deal. The best way to do this is to tell them that you’re thinking of leaving – they will usually put you through to a ‘retention’ department where they can offer you a discount on your current package.