This GENIUS candle hack stops wax from ‘tunnelling’ inside the jar

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  • There's nothing like lighting a candle and cosying up for the evening - and chances are we're all doing that a lot thanks to lockdown.

    But as nice as that feeling is, there’s one annoying thing that all candle fans have had to deal with – tunnelling.

    If you’re not sure what that means, it’s when part of the candle wax is left around the edge of the jar. Not only is it unsightly, it’s also a massive waste.

    And we all want to get the most of our scented candles since we often spend a lot of money on them.

    However, there’s a clever hack to stop tunnelling from happening and ensure your candle is burned evenly.

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    Taking to Twitter, beauty editor Lucy Partington showed us how to prevent tunnelling and it couldn’t be simpler.

    All you need is tin foil to try the hack at home.

    Lucy wrote ‘i asked on instagram if there was any way to fix a tunnelled candle and a few people said you can use tin foil. i tried it yesterday and it only bloody worked 👏🏼 honestly this is probs the best hack i’ve ever learnt’

    To copy the hack, take your tin foil and wrap it around the candle, folding a rim over the top to hover over the surplus wax. Your candle should then return to normal in a few hours.

    Many candle fans were in awe of the clever hack, with one commenter believing it’s just something that happened to candles.

    One wrote, ‘I didn’t even know that was called tunnelling and thought it was just what candles do! Think it has happened to any i have ever owned. Thanks.’

    Another added, ‘Learned this hack a little while ago and it has saved my candles so many times!! Never had one it didn’t work with!’

    And a third wrote, ‘This is the most useful thing I’ve ever learned on Twitter. Fact.’

    Will you be trying this candle hack at home? Let us know on Facebook if it works for you!