IKEA’s latest money saving initiative for new mums is dividing customers

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  • IKEA’s latest money saving initiative for mums involves offering pregnant women a chance to get a discounted crib – but there’s a catch…

    Ikea has launched a brand new cot, the Sundvik crib, and in order to create more buzz and sales of the item, they’ve created a very unique magazine ad.

    The page itself has a test strip that acts as a pregnancy test. You can take it to the bathroom, pee on it and if the test results come back positive, then the ad will reveal a discounted price for the crib. So women who are expecting can pay $495 for the crib, rather than the original price of $995.

    The advert itself was created for Ikea in collaboration with Mercene Labs by Swedish marketing agency Åkestam Holst. The agency told AdWeek that for the interactive functions of the ad to work, Mercene Labs had to make several technical advancements.

    The IKEA advert in question shown in print, from a video entitled ‘IKEA – Pee Ad’ on Vimeo explaining the creation of the innovative ad

    ‘The pregnancy test strip was used as a starting point, which relies on antibodies that bind to the pregnancy hormone hCG, resulting in a colour change’ they explained.

    While some people think the concept is ‘genius’ or quite amusing, others are not so convinced. The idea in theory seems quite modern, but some critics have pointed out that there is a hygiene issue, especially if the pages then have to be handed to a member of staff to receive the discount!

    ‘Re: Ikea pregnancy test strip ad. What poor #Ikea cashier wants to ring up a coupon ad that has been piddled on? #NoThanks’ commented one person on Twitter.

    ‘They really want people to bring pieces of paper that were peed over to get a discount for baby cribs? Because usually people buy cribs when they ARENT pregnant, just for fun?’ said another on Facebook.

    Another dubious customer agreed with others about the practicality of redeeming the discount, as well as making a valid point about mums-to-be who aren’t pregnant, ‘What about parents who are adopting? (& seriously their cashiers are going to be completely hating their jobs!)’ they wrote on Facebook.

    For anyone wishing to give the unique money-saving concept a go, unfortunately you’ll have to make a trip to Sweden. The ad is only running in Swedish Amelia magazine, which is recognised as one of country’s most influential magazines for women.