Your old Disney DVDs could be worth HUNDREDS of pounds

Classic Walt Disney films are selling on eBay for hundreds of pounds, and if you still have any of the VHS collections you could be looking at up to £34,000!

As a child you probably grew up watching the Walt Disney classics such as Beauty & The Beast, Cinderella and Snow White. Over the years you’ll have gone from having these films in VHS format to play on the old video recorders, before upgrading to DVDs when they became the brand new way to watch a movie.

But did you know that you could be sitting on a small fortune?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who got bought the Walt Disney Treasure Collection of DVDs, you could be sitting on at least £400 according to the average prices these films are selling for on eBay.

Even single copies of the collection are on offer for £60 each.

And that’s just the price for the more recent editions.

If you happen to have stashed away some old VHS copies of the Walt Disney classics, you could earn yourself thousands of pounds.

The videos in particular are from the Black Diamond collection – that is, the 18 animated films that were sold between the years 1988 to 1992.

eBay’s buying guide for Why You Should Be Collecting Disney Black Diamond VHS’s states that the tapes are ‘easy to identify by the Black Diamond found on the Spine of the case with the Walk Disney’s Signature located inside the Diamond.’

So far there are nearly 3000 of the VHS films selling on eBay from across the world.

On average, classics like the Black Diamond copies of Beauty & The Beast and Aladdin are selling for around £1,770.

Rare versions of Lady & The Tramp from the same collection that also include a red Walt Disney signature are going for as much as £5489.83.

While others who are getting rid of their whole collections are asking for as much as £34,355.74 for nine VHS’.

If you haven’t checked already, you might want to hunt around your house for these now!