Did you know these items are actually CHEAPER in pound shops than in the supermarket?

Everyone would love to cut down their weekly food and household item bill, but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly where to start.

While there are often deals on in the supermarkets for certain items and a whole host of price comparison and coupon sites, sometimes it’s just easier to know where some items are going to be consistently cheaper to save you money.

And it turns out that taking a trip or two to the pound shop each month could help stretch your resources that little bit further, as there are actually several items – whether it be food, toiletries, household products or even alcohol – that are usually cheaper in a pound shop than in supermarkets. So saving money on your weekly shop can be that much simpler.

It’s always worth remembering to double check the quantity in the items you’re buying from the pound shop – because sometimes the sizes are actually smaller than you’d be able to get in the supermarket, making it not such a great deal as it seems.

But this works the other way too. For instance, in Tesco, a 900ml bottle of Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo is £4, but in Poundland you can get a 235ml bottle for £1. So if you were to buy four bottles of the smaller shampoo from Poundland, you’d get 40ml extra of shampoo and save yourself 50p in the process.

Here we’ve shared the items you’re most likely to find cheaper in the Pound shop; the rest is up to you!

Food and drink

Branded cereal

Often you can find branded cereal, like Weetabix or Kellogg’s Cornflakes, for cheaper than you’ll find in the supermarkets. You just need to make sure you’re checking the quantities and offers that are on at the supermarkets – because sometimes larger boxes are discounted so you’d actually be getting a better deal.

Product Pound shop price Average supermarket price Saving
Weetabix £1, 12 pack £1.47, 12 pack 47p
Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut £1, 250g £2.69 for 500g 69p
Frosties cereal bars £1, 6 pack £1.98 for 6 98p
Lucky Charms pots £1 per pot £1.45 45p

Cupboard staples

Often, packs of three baked beans like Heinz are sold in pound shops, when a pack of four is on sale for double the price in supermarkets. Similarly, tinned soups are usually on offer for more than one for a pound when you’ll usually find them around 80p per tin in a supermarket, so you’re getting a bargain on your cupboard staples.

Product Pound shop price Average supermarket price Saving
Heinz Baked Beans £1, 3 x 200g £1.69, 3 x 200g 69p
Heinz Oxtail Soup £1, 2 x 290g 89p 78p
Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup £1, 2 x 290g 85p 70p
Uncle Ben’s Special Golden Veg Rice £1 £1.30 30p
Bisto Gravy Granules £1 for 170g £1.25 for 170g 25p
Heinz Tomato Ketchup £3 for 1.5KG £2 for 700g £1.25
Heinz Mayonaise £1 for 390g £2.69 for 500g £1.69
Colman’s English Mustard £1 for 170g £1.40 for 170g 40p
Dolmio Bolognaise Sauce £1 for 500g £1.70 for 500g 70p

Fizzy drinks

If you’re buying individual cans of fizzy drinks, you might well get a better offer in pound stores where offers usually start at around three cans for your £1. But if you’re looking at bulk buying, sometimes it’s actually the supermarkets that have the better offer on multipacks, so it’s one to look out for.

Product Pound shop price Average supermarket price Saving
Diet Coke 50p for 330ml can 68p for 330ml can 18p
Coca Cola 50p for 330ml can 68p for 330ml can 18p
Pepsi £1 for 1.5L bottle £1.39 for 1.5L bottle 39p
Cherry Coke £1 for 1.75L bottle £1.69 for 1.5L bottle 69p


If you’re prone to a biscuit (or three!) then taking a trip to your local pound shop could save you some dosh, as often you’ll find branded find biscuits at cheaper prices.

From Wagon Wheels to Penguins, there are a whole host of deals on the sweet treats, just remember to check the pack sizes again!

Product Pound shop price Average supermarket price Saving
Twix £1 for 9 pack £1.69 for pack 69p
Nestle Blue Riband £1 for 5 pack + 3 free £1 for 5 pack 8.5p per bar
Wagon Wheels £1 for 6 pack + 2 free £1 for 6 pack 4.1p per bar
Mint Club Bars £1 for 6 pack + 2 free £1.56 for 6 pack 13.5p per bar
Tuc Crackers £1, 2 x 150g £1 for 1 x 150g £1
Maryland Cookies £1 for 400g £1.99 for 400g 99p
Ritz Crackers £1 for 200g £1.30 for 200g 30p
Leibniz Crackers £1 £1.50 50p
Penguin £1, 5 pack + 3 free £1.80 for 8 pack 80p


While some supermarkets do stock their own brands of shampoo that are cheaper, it’s often the case that you’ll find branded shampoo for less in the pound shops. But you’ve got to be careful as sometimes just because the pound shop stocks a brand, it doesn’t mean the bottle size is as big – but if you do the numbers you’ll be able to work out if you’re getting a good deal.

Multipacks of brand-name toothbrushes are often on sale in pound shops for cheaper than you’d find the same brand in supermarkets too, so it’s worth looking for the best deal out there.

At pound stores, Vaseline tins are often still only a pound, but at big name supermarkets you’ll pay around 30p more per tin. So it’s worth shopping at a pound store to save money on your handbag staple.

Product Pound shop price Average supermarket price Saving

Colgate Max White Shine Toothpaste

£1 for 200ml £2 for 200ml £1
Oral B Classic Care toothbrush £1 for twin pack £1.30 for one £1.60
Herbel Essences Ignite Shampoo £1 for 200ml £2 for 200ml £1
Soft & Gentle Deoderant Jasmin & Coco £1 £1.50 50p
Dove Beauty Cream Bar £2 for 2 x 100g £1.45 for 2 x 100g 45p
Vaseline Lip Therapy Original £1 for 20g £1.50 for 20g 50p
Nivea Cleansing wipes £1 for 20 pack £1.50 for 20 pack 50p
Simple Baby Moisturising Bath £1 for 300ml £1.50 for 300ml 50p
Johnson’s Baby Lotion £1 for 300ml £1.25 for 300ml 25p

Cleaning products

If you often buy the cheapest type of bin bags in the supermarket but find they break really easily, it’s worth popping to your local pound store. Usually, there will be a decent roll of bin bags for less than the £3 or £4 you’ll have to splash out on in the supermarket to get the same quality.

Product Pound shop price Average supermarket price Saving
Finish lemon dishwasher tablets £1, 10 tablets £6, 34 tablets £2.00
Flash Magic Eraser £1 £2 £1
Brillo Soap Pads £1, 10 pack £1.20, 10 pack 20p
Bold Lavendar & Camomile Liquid £6 for 3L £9 for 3L £3
Flash Antibacterial Wipes £1 for 60 pack £2 for 60 pack £1
Cif Cream Original White £1 for 500ml £2.50 for 500ml £1.50

Mr Muscle Daily Shower Cleaner

£1 for 500ml £1.50 for 500ml 50p

Kids’ toys and entertainment

If you can’t take your kids to the supermarket without them adding toys into the trolley, take them to a pound shop instead. This partly helps due to the fact that there’s less of a selection in terms of the big name branded toys and electrical items on offer to tempt your kids – but a selection of classic toys and games are on offer at most pound shops that won’t break the bank.

While supermarkets will have a selection of the latest DVDs, CDs and books at prices usually around the £10 mark, you’ll find a great selection of films, stories and music from the last few years at your local pound shop for, you guessed it, a pound! So a rainy afternoon film doesn’t have to cost a bucket.

Product Pound shop price Average supermarket price Saving
Disney Frozen Single Duvet Cover £8 £14 £6
Disney Frozen Fever Birthday Set £10 £15 £5
Star Wars Hot Wheels Track Set £10 £20 £10
Disney Brave DVD £5 £13 £8