Morning sickness cures and remedies

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  • If you’re desperate to find some morning sickness cures that will banish that awful nauseous feeling, then try some of these remedies, from ginger to lemonade, to sniffing lemons...

    One of the most common pregnancy symptoms is morning sickness. In fact, more than half of all pregnant women experience it, and the name is misleading, as it can strike you at any time of pregnancy and at any time of the day (including all day!).

    However, it most commonly occurs during the first 12 weeks, and can be one of the first early signs of pregnancy you experience.While sadly there’s no magic pill to prevent you from getting morning sickness, there are plenty of home morning sickness cures which have been passed down from woman to woman, to help relieve the horrible sickness you feel during pregnancy. Of course, they won’t all work for you, and some might not work at all. But it’s great to have a selection of ideas.

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    We’ve gathered together a wide variety of the best morning sickness cures we could find and as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve even drawn on our readers’ tried and tested morning sickness cures – so we know we have remedies that really have worked for women.

    If you’re desperate to find some morning sickness remedies that will banish that awful nauseous feeling, then take a look through this gallery and give some of these a try. From ginger to sniffing lemons (who knew?), chances are, one of these morning sickness remedies will do the trick for you.

    When to seek professional help for morning sickness

    If you can’t find any other way to relieve your morning sickness, and are really suffering, seek the advice of your doctor. As you may remember from the pregnancies of the Duchess of Cambridge, severe morning sickness, also know as hyperemesis gravidarum, requires medical attention and plenty of rest and recovery, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

    Do you have any other morning sickness cures that worked in your experience? Be sure to leave us a comment on our Facebook page and help out other mums-to-be with your advice.

    Morning sickness cures: Simple home remedies for morning sickness