Mother gives birth to ‘miracle’ twin girls – two months apart!

The tale of a mother in Romania who has given birth to two twin daughters may not seem like a remarkable one – until you learn that one of her babies was delivered in November 2014, and the other arrived in January, two months later!

The 41-year-old started having contractions when she was 7 months pregnant, and gave birth to her first daughter naturally. Then, to the surprise of her medical team, the contractions stopped, and she carried her second child to term, and delivered her through Caesarean section at Cantancuzino hospital in Bucharest.

The mother’s initial scans had shown that the twins were in seperate embryo sacs, and had seperate placenta sacs, but this is normal in the case of non-identical twins, and there was no indication that this pregnancy would be any different.

Both babies were underweight at birth, and stayed in hospital until the end of January, but have since been allowed home.

Dr Adrian Sorin Crăciun said: “It is extremely rare. I don’t even know which medical mechanism stopped contractions for the second twin.

“It was nothing short of God’s miracle.”

Despite the fact that this case is very unusual, this is not the longest gap between two twin births.

In 2013, Maria Jones-Elliot, from County Kilkenny, went into labour four months early and gave birth to her first daughter Amy – but her second daughter, Katie, arrived nearly three months later, bringing Maria the Guinness World Record for the ‘longest interval between the birth of twins’.