Mum blogger Karen Johnson hits back at critics by sharing empowering message to mothers

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  • Mum blogger Karen Johnson has hit back at critics who were angered by a meme she shared on Facebook with an empowering message that it’s okay to vent about parenthood.

    Known for writing about the difficulties of parenthood on her blog, The 21st Century SAHM, the mother-of-three shared the post with her followers because ‘we need a little humour to soften the blows that motherhood throws our way’.

    After feeling frustrated with the negative responses she’d received, Karen took to Facebook to explain her point: that you can be a loving mother and still vent about parenthood, and that’s okay.

    ‘Motherhood is the hardest fricking thing on the planet. There is no handbook. There is no boss…’, she said.

    ‘The percentage of mothers who suffer from depression is higher than most people think. I went through a tough stint at the beginning of my SAHM-life and clawed my way out. How? By writing. By laughing. By connecting with other moms and feeling less alone’, she continued.

    ‘For all the [negative] comments I receive, I get 10x that many saying “Thank you for being real. You make me laugh and feel less alone”‘, she added.

    It seems her fans really enjoy the way she doesn’t gloss over the frustrations she goes through as a mother, with many saying they find her confessions very relatable.

    One said: ‘I love your page so hard. You are a light in the darkness. Please keep making us laugh and feel less alone.’

    On her blog, Karen admits how she herself feels about parenting, and it was those feelings that inspired her to start off her project in the first place.

    She explained: ‘Despite being on kid #3, I feel like a floundering brand-new parent almost daily. (Some days are pretty good and I think, “Damn! I got this s%&t down!”) But on lots of days, I stare at the clock wondering, “How early IS too early to start drinking?” So I started blogging a few years ago, in the attempt to find humor in the boogery, poop-filled life that I live.’