This photo of a mum breastfeeding on the TOILET has gone viral!


As busy mums with a million and one things to do, aren’t we meant to be multi-tasking at all times?

Yet when Elisha Wilson Beach did exactly that, nipping to the loo – if you’ll pardon the pun – and breastfeeding in the process, she came under fire after sharing the candid snap on her Instagram page!

The busy mum of two, who lives in LA, describes herself in her Instagram bio as a, ‘Mom, wife, arts educator, foodie, nauralista and more.

‘I’ve got opinions about everything and rarely admit to being wrong’. She posted the below pic with the caption:

This is motherhood and it ain’t always pretty. What’s your #momtruth? #motherhood #motherhoodaintpretty #tmi #confessionsofamom #ididthat #iamnotsorry


Too busy to stop! Elisha shared this pic of her feeding her daughter while on the toilet


Since posting the pic it’s taken the internet by storm. After it was shared on the Facebook page Life of Dad, the photo has been shared more than 25,000 times and has been liked on Facebook more than 213,000 times.

However, the image has strongly divided opinion, with many criticising the mother and accusing her of being unhygienic.

One Facebook user, Amanda Martin, wrote: ‘I would never ever breastfeed my child in the bathroom. It’s unsanitary regardless.’

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Another, Karen Bryce, posted: ‘How can you say this picture is beautiful? I think its very distasteful.

‘Would you allow your partner to take a picture of you while doing the toilet? And then post it for all to see?’

Others were quick to jump to her defence. Amy Bloss-Rodgers said: ‘I find it so interesting that people have an issue with her breastfeeding in the bathroom of her own home, yet way too many people have the expectation that a woman should breastfeed in a bathroom in a public place.’

The busy mum of two often posts pics of family life to her Instagram account



What do you think of Elisha’s candid snap? Unhygenic, too much information or just not sure what all the fuss is about? Share your thoughts below!