Mum shares genius hack to stop toddlers messing up your bathroom

Kimberley Bosley has a brilliant trick for stopping your kids, or pets (cats we're looking at you), unravelling the toilet roll across the floor of your bathroom.

If your little ones often likes to use your bathroom as their alternative play area, you need this mum’s clever hack in your life ASAP!

Kimberley Bosley is mum to two young children, two-year-old Madden and one-year-old Hudson, and it’s fair to say her boys like to keep her on her toes…

Keeping the kids entertained while also trying to manage your household can feel like you’re attempting mission impossible.

But, Kimberly has found a clever way to stop her sons from rummaging through cupboards they shouldn’t be in –  and from pulling all the loo roll from the tube just to roll around in it and pretend to be zombies!

All you need to prevent your mischievous little ones from getting to the toilet roll is a hair band. It will need to be one that’s super stretchy, and an elastic band will work just as well. Simply place around the toilet roll while you’re not using it and you kids will be unable to unravel it!

Kimberley Bosley/were.the.bosleys 

Credit: Kimberley Bosley/were.the.bosleys 

Make sure you don’t let them see you putting the band on or off as the clever little things may catch on quickly…

To stop the boys from going into cupboards they shouldn’t be in, Kimberly also cleverly loops some plastic toys around the handles, but this might not be as useful if your cupboards are different shapes!

Speaking about her hack to The Mail Online, Kimberly said: ‘Both my little boys love running into the bathroom and pulling out whatever they can, so I had to think of a way to let them keep exploring without ruining the house.’

Captioning the video on her Instagram page were.the.bosleys, Kimberly teased her boys: ‘Go on little trouble makers.. Do your worst!! #mumhack#troublemakers #destroyers #mumwin#brothers #canthavenicethings#atleasttheyrehavingfun’.

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