‘Olivia has bone-idle-itis!’ Mum’s hilarious sick note for daughter wanting to skip PE class

We don’t know about you, but we were always trying to wriggle out of a PE class at school. A tummy ache here, a sore ankle there, a really convincing cough almost every day – and yet we always ended up pounding the fields in the rain for cross country anyway.

So, when we heard this story, we couldn’t help but sympathise with poor Olivia, a young girl who asked her mum Sam to write a sick note so that she didn’t have to participate in PE, even though she wasn’t really sick – and ended up getting the exact opposite of what she wanted.

In the letter, Sam stated that her daughter was actually ‘perfectly fit and well’ and suffering from a case of ‘bone-idle-itis!’- and as much as we feel Olivia’s pain, we can’t deny that Sam’s letter is hilarious.

Here’s the ‘sick note’ in all of its glory:

Image: Facebook/Sam McEvoy

We bet Olivia got the shock of her life when the teacher handed this message back to her – and we imagine she probably did have to run a few extra laps that day…

Since Sam shared her brilliant response on Facebook, it’s gone viral, with more than 3,000 shares in just one day, suggesting that a lot of other mums might have the same problem…

Would you give your child a letter to get out of a lesson they didn’t enjoy, or do you think Sam’s sick note is just what the doctor ordered? Leave us a comment and let us know!