‘I know when something is seriously wrong’ Mum’s instinct saves her toddler from rare blood disease

A mum has issued a warning reminding parents that the only person who can be an expert in their children is themselves, after fears for her young daughter’s health were brushed off by doctors.

Mum-of-four Margaret Ellen Bradford has taken to Facebook to share her story as a cautionary tale for any parents that doubt their gut instincts, reminding others that ‘YOU know your children better than anyone else in this world.’

The mum, who is from Ohio in the US, recalled how ‘two nights ago I allowed someone with a medical degree make me feel, for a few solitary moments, like my gut feelings were wrong and I was overreacting to my child’s medical concerns.’

Margaret Ellen Bradford

I’m sweating like mad from wearing technically 2 babies (does it count as tandem if one is still being carried in utero?), Harper has a 102 fever and is super grumpy, Xavier keeps running 30 feet…

Margaret continued to explain that her toddler had been suffering from a 105.4 degree fever for three days which she had tried to treat at home to no avail.

‘I cuddled and kissed and medicated and treated her with my very best. She only got worse, so as her fever continued to rise I made a decision and took her in to the Children’s ER.’

However, when she was able to speak to a doctor her concerns were ignored and Margaret felt judged as ‘a young mom with no clue’.

‘The requests I made for more extensive testing- full blood work including CBC, BMP, and spinal went ignored, and we were discharged with the diagnosis “virus, probably, she’ll be fine.” He was wrong.’

After waiting another day, Harper’s temperature continued to rise and so did her mother’s worries.

‘I called our family doctor’s office and after a conversation with our doctor’s on-call partner, it was decided the best course was to bring her back to the Children’s ER.

‘We got to a room and a medical student came to get her symptom information. He was in our room for all of 45 seconds before he stated “I’m going to go get the medical team, I don’t think we should wait anymore.” Finally, FINALLY, we were being taken seriously and we were getting our answers.’

After the extensive blood tests that Harper’s family had originally requested had been carried out, it became clear that the little girl was suffering with Kawasaki disease.

Margaret Ellen Bradford

Parents, I say this with every ounce of sincerity I have- YOU know your children better than anyone else in this world. You have been there with them for everything. You have changed every diaper,…

Margaret explained that the illness causes ‘major inflammation inside the walls of blood vessels’ and ‘every day left untreated raises the risk of serious complications including heart failure and lifelong heart tissue damage’.

The mum reflected on how she wished the second hospital trip had never needed to happen and that the experience has taught her to ‘never allow my fears to be written off again’.

Now she is urging other parents to remember that when it comes to instincts for your children, parents should trust their gut feelings.

‘I know my children, and I know when something is seriously wrong. You do too. You are their voice and their advocate; don’t let anyone, no matter their degree or their opinion, make you feel like you don’t.’

So far the post has been liked over a 1.6k times with hundreds of parents commenting with words of encouragement.

One mum said, ‘You got to fight for your babies! I went through this with my 1 year old. 5 weeks old and he was having breathing problems. 6 months later, multiple specialist visits, multiple hospital stays we finally found out he had a benign tumor in his airway.’

Another mum said, ‘Thanks for sharing and prayers for your sweet girl! We all need reminding of this.’