Mum shares heartbreaking images of her stillborn son to ‘feel like any other mum’

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  • One young mum has taken the brave decision to post pictures of her stillborn son Flynn on Facebook, because it made her ‘feel like any other mum’.

    Emma Fairbarn, 21, a healthcare worker from Wales, was 23 weeks pregnant when she was involved in a terrifying car collision.

    Emma Fairbairn

    Aw little man😢 I’m so so sorry that you got hurt in that nasty crash😢💔💙

    At first, it seemed like both she and her baby were unharmed, as she felt kicking a few minutes after the accident, but the impact was severe.

    ‘I just remember the impact. Both vehicles ended up facing the opposite way around,’ she wold Wales Online. ‘I just remember my body feeling like it was on fire. I tried to take my seatbelt off but I couldn’t move. I was in shock.’

    ‘I kept on telling people I was pregnant and they’d ask me whether I was in any pain. Once the initial shock went I started getting pain in my hips.’

    Later on his hospital, a heartbeat was found and a scan revealed that Emma had suffering no internal bleeding. But it was during a routine check-up after an overnight observational stay that doctors realised something was wrong.

    ‘The midwife came around to do some more checks on me and again listened to the baby’s heartbeat. After half an hour of trying she couldn’t find one so I was rushed off to a scan.’

    Following the heartbreaking realisation that she had lost her baby, Emma found support on social media and charities helping bereaved parents dealing with the loss of their babies – like the Glangwili Hospital, where Emma spent hours with Flynn after giving birth to him at just 1lb 6oz, and 4 Louis charity, which offers ‘memory boxes’ free of charge for bereaved parents.

    Emma’s posted a number of pictures of Flynn’s tiny hands and feet online, with touching captions.

    Emma Fairbairn


    ‘There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world,’ one reads.

    She wrote next to another: ‘Aw little man, I’m so so sorry that you got hurt in that nasty crash.’

    A GoFundMe page was also set up for Flynn’s funeral, and raised so much money that Emma was able to also make a donation to the charities that had supported her, adding that she ‘couldn’t thank everyone who donated enough’.

    She’s also received supportive messages from people around the world, many of whom have experienced a similar loss.

    ‘I know you don’t know me but I read your story on fb,’ one said. ‘I too have a 22 yr old daughter who just lost her baby boy born April 29 died may 1st .He weighed 1lb 7 oz she was six months along and had preclampcia and they had to take him. I’m so sorry for your loss.’

    ‘Sending big hugs to you Emma Fairbairn,’ another sympathised. ‘You will always have a special angel looking after you. I am sure Flynn would be very proud of his mummy. 💙 xx’