‘Please take precautions’ Mum shares terrifying warning about lesser known Lyme disease symptoms

A distraught mum has taken to Facebook to share a dire warning about some of the lesser known symptoms of Lyme disease.

After her daughter Natasha woke in the early hours complaining of an extreme headache, Natalie Renee became concerned that she was becoming ill. But despite acute pain on one side of the young girl’s head, Natalie said there was no fever.

However, throughout that morning, her ‘healthy baby girl’s’ temperature soared to ‘almost 104 and nothing touched it.’ Whilst Natasha continued to complain of a sore head, Natalie found a ‘quarter sized lump’ in the area where the pain was, ‘that by 4pm had become the ugliest looking wound [she had] ever seen.’

As the pain intensified and Natasha began suffering from dizziness and confusion on top of her existing symptoms, a panicked Natalie drove her to her local emergency room.

‘I drove her to children’s a mess scared to death bc I never saw anything like this in 13 years of nursing,’ she wrote in the post, which has been shared more than 166,000 times. ‘Immediately upon arriving to children’s they reassured me everything would be done they would figure it out . I was hopeful we were in the right place then every team from neurologists , infectious disease , dermatology and who knows what else saw her.’

‘Everyone scratched their heads just like me.’

Confused doctors prescribed antibiotics which were ineffective, and it wasn’t until 11pm that night – 16 hours after she first complained – that they received a diagnosis.

‘She was getting no better at all in fact worse despite the antibiotic and meds and fluids. So yesterday was hard . Then Finally we had a diagnosis around 11 pm while it was not a typical presentation of a bulls eye bite and her symptoms were a little off she has Lyme disease,’ she wrote. ‘he got her first does of cefuroxime late last night and thank god this morning is the first time in days I saw her walk by herself.’

Natalie Renee

Love our Redbird family . Ty soooo much !!’ Blessed to be a part of such a great group of people !! She loved this and I loved seeing that smile ❤️ hope there’s a foxtail win tonight

Lyme disease is an infection which is transmitted through bites from infected ticks, and is more common in the summer months, when we spend lots of times outside and insects are more common. Symptoms include what often looks like a ‘bullseye’ bite, as Natalie describes, flu-like symptoms and extreme fatigue.

Natalie warns other mums to stay vigilant, saying: ‘Lyme disease is on the rise and the type Natasha has attacked her nervous system . I just ask to please take precautions to prevent ticks with your children and yourself . I never saw a tick on Natasha so even if u don’t see one check their skin for bites and know this is something in our local area and so scary.’