Mum slams aeroplane ‘goody bag’ trend for shaming parents

Taking a baby on a plane can be a big worry for parents. Will they cry the whole time? Will people get angry and complain?

To help make the plane ride easier, some parents have begun giving out goody bags to fellow passengers, explaining that their little one might be a bit noisy.

However, one mum has slammed this trend, arguing that parents should never feel ashamed of their baby when flying, or feel bad for ‘having babies who act like babies’.

Mum-of-two Cassie Murdoch wrote an essay for Mashable to support travelling parents, arguing that mums and dads shouldn’t feel pressured into giving presents to passengers on behalf of their children.

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While she admitted that the goody bags might look nice, she said the sentiment behind them is sending out the wrong message. Cassie explained: ‘On the surface it’s a nice gesture, but as the mother of twin toddlers, every time I see one of these baggies go viral I am filled with rage.

‘That’s not to say the individual parents who give these out are doing anything wrong. They’re just trying to be nice – a good instinct in these tense times.

‘The thing about these goody bags that has rubbed many parents the wrong way from the start is that they send the message we should feel bad for having babies who act like babies. We shouldn’t.’

Cassie Murdoch

Cassie Murdoch updated her cover photo.

She went on to argue that parents are stressed enough from looking after children on a plane and so shouldn’t also feel the need to bring presents for the passengers.

‘Surviving air travel with our sanity intact is hard enough for all of us, not just parents. But most people who fly with their kid have also dragged a car seat, a stroller, extra food and diapers, and approximate 9,000 tons of other miscellaneous supplies.

‘The next time I wrestle my wriggling toddlers and all their crap onboard, I shouldn’t have to also stress that I failed to bring a dozen charming packages full of snacks for everyone around me.’

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Cassie added that parents are already working hard enough, saying: ‘We may not be handing you Instagram-worthy gifts, but the vast majority of parents are already going above and beyond to make sure our children don’t bother you during the flight.’

Instead of hoping for goody bags, Cassie suggests: ‘If you want to become a real viral hero, buy that parent a drink and offer to hold their baby while they drink it.’

This isn’t the first time the goody bags on flights debate has hit the headlines. In July last year, a mum of twins caused controversy amongst some parents when she gave out presents to passengers during a flight with her twin babies.

‘Hello! Our names are Ashley and Abby,’ they wrote on a note included in the pouches.

‘We’re twins, we just turned 18 months and this is our first time on an airplane! We are heading to FL to see Grandma & Grandpa, and Mommy & Daddy said something about a mouse.’

‘We’ll try to keep our cool, but incase we decide to get crazy, we’ve provided a sweet treet and some earplugs for your enjoyment. Thank you for understanding and enjoy your flight!’