23 beautiful tattoo ideas for mums

If you want ideas for how to honour your kids with ink, you’ve come to the right place.

These 23 beautiful mum tattoo concepts cover everything from the smallest of symbols to the most striking of sleeves, and whilst the look of each piece is very different, the meaning is always the same – a permanent reminder of your love for the family you’ve created.

Whether you want ideas for sibling tattoos or solo ones, and whether you’re preparing for your very first piece or you’re already a tattooed mama, here is all of the inspiration you need for a tattoo for your kids that you’ll cherish forever. Now you’ve just got to be brave enough to go under that needle!

1. Keep hold of those precious baby prints always


2. Get a song lyric that reminds you of them


3. Or a quote from a book you’ve read together


4. Put their heartbeat right above your own

5. Mark their date of birth with a simple statement

6. Or opt for a more colourful declaration, if you wish

Late night watercolor tattoo 🙂

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7. Handwriting tattoos are popular tributes


8. As are pieces of kids’ artwork


9. Especially when it can even be incorporated into a more classic tattoo design

10. A detailed mother and baby image can be gorgeous

Mothers Love !

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11. And so can a simple Celtic knotwork take

12. Linework makes a simple but striking statement

13. You can incorporate a heart into the sketch too


14. Symbolise your relationship with locks and keys

15. Or put them into a locket


16. Choose a saying that represents your bond


‘Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.’

17. Make their fingerprints permanent

18. (Thumbprints work just as well)


19. Add to a family tree tattoo when new members arrive

20. Draw up a reminder of their place of birth with coordinates

21. Or get the flowers for their birth months instead

22. Portraits are stunning, but should be done by only the most skilled of artists


23. And remember, any other depiction of your clan can be just as cute.

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