‘You will never be forgotten’ Mum praised for emotional tribute to two of her triplets who died after birth

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  • A mother’s post has gone viral after she penned an emotional tribute to her children after losing two of her triplets shortly after giving birth.

    Stacey Skrysak shared a Facebook post in which she wrote a letter to her son, Parker – who died 55 days after birth in 2013 – after shopping for clothes triggered the painful memories of her loss.

    She began: ‘Dear Son, I thought of you today. I was walking through the store, looking at clothes for your sister, when this shirt caught my eye. It was size four, the perfect fit if you were alive today.

    ‘The preppy shirt is exactly what I imagine you wearing, a classic look to match your sweet disposition. The green and blue colors would look perfect on you, complimenting your messy blonde “Parker hair”. I found myself pulling out my phone and snapping a picture, wanting that reminder of what could have been.

    ‘The last time I bought you clothing was the outfit you wore as you passed away in my arms on August 16, 2013… a day I will never forget…’

    She concluded: ‘Dear son, I thought of you today. I thought you yesterday and the day before that. And I will think of you every single day of my life. You and your sister may no longer be here, but you will never be forgotten.’

    Stacey, who is mother to surviving triplet Peyton and writes extensively about her tragic experience, also lost her daughter Abby, who died just two-hours after birth.

    Other parents, many of whom also lost their babies, took to the comments section for sharing the lovely words.

    One said: ‘Beautifully written and everything I think about daily. ❤️❤️’, while another added: ‘ My son had a twin who I lost, I think about him everyday, over 26 years’.

    Speaking to Babble, Stacey said: ‘With Abby, we only spent two hours with her alive. I had a special connection because I carried her and her siblings, but with her only alive for such a short time, we were left to wonder what she would be like. She is Peyton’s identical sister, so I can at least imagine what she would look like as I watch her sister grow up.

    ‘With Parker, we were blessed with close to two months with him. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but when your baby’s life is being measured in hours (or even minutes), it’s enough time to gain a lifetime of memories.’