This mum’s warning about the dangers of a common household fixture will shock you

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  • A mum has taken to Facebook to warn other parents just how dangerous a common household fixture can be.

    Danielle McConnell’s post went viral after she shared photos of her son looking bloodied and bruised after being crushed by a glass door. The shocking photos show her son looking bloodied and bruised with a swollen lip and nasty cut above his eyebrow after being crushed by a patio door.

    Another picture shows wooden floorboards covered in shards of broken glass and reveals how the Christmas tree toppled over during the accident, leaving decorations strewn over the room.

    ‘Just wanted to make people aware about these tilt and slide doors. This door fell on top of my 2 year old and shattered on top of him. Researching today I found that this exact door fell on top of a toddler a few years back and killed her,’ she wrote alongside the images.

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    ‘My son was so lucky to walk away from this with cuts and bruises. Someone else’s child may not be so lucky! If anyone has or knows someone who has these type of doors please be aware as they can snap at the top and fall out. I’m so grateful my baby is ok!’

    As you’d expect, the post has caused quite a stir online.

    Since Danielle published the status just a few days ago on January 1st, it has been shared over 55,000 times and had 13,000 comments.

    Many users of the social networking site were quick to send well wishes to the young boy.

    ‘Prayers for your little boy to get better! I hope they discontinue these doors! I’m so glad your little boy is alive!! God bless y’all!’ said one.

    Another added: ‘Poor wee man 😔 his wee face. But like you said he is very lucky it wasn’t worse, hope he isn’t too sore.’

    A third Facebook fan struggled to suppress their shock that such a thing could happen, writing: ‘Never seen that happen before. I know of the tilt and turn windows and doors but did not think they would snap and fall out.’