#MyDadWouldAlwaysSay is the perfect source of all dad wisdom

Father’s Day is fast approaching (it’s June 21st, so make sure you’ve got your card and pressie at the ready!), and the people of Twitter have taken up a rather novel way of celebrating it – by sharing their father’s favourite sayings with the hashtag #MyDadWouldAlwaysSay.

From time-old sayings to typical dad jokes and lies we’re sure every papa has told their offspring at some point, we’ve rounded up the sweetest (and funniest) dad wisdom the trending topic has to offer – and we bet you’ve heard more than a few of them in your time, whether it’s from your own dad, or your partner telling the kids!

Here are some of the best #MyDadWouldAlwaysSay quotes we’ve seen – how many of these did your dad say to you?

Up first, these dads, who stuck with some totally classic ‘dad’ humour

This dad wanted his daughter to reach for the stars (for the new kitchen accessory, if nothing else)

This dad just wants his son to be as happy as he is

But this dad was more interested in trying to get out of paying Mr Whippy

This dad wants his kid to think for himself

And this dad just wants his to BELIEVE in herself

This dad wanted to protect his girl from prying eyes…

Whilst this dad is a pro at tackling difficult monetary demands

These dads are just worried about their energy bills

Seriously, what IS it with dads and the heating?

These fathers seemed to be letting their kids getting away with rather a lot behind mum’s back…

Anyone else seeing a pattern emerging here…?

But we must say, we think these dads might just have the best sense of humour of all

Erm… sounds like Tara’s dad might have some explaining to do!

What are the things that YOUR dad would always say? Leave us a comment and let us know, and we’ll add our favourites to our round-up!