How to bring on labour: Natural ways to induce labour revealed!

There are plenty of natural ways to bring on labour. From eating pineapple to having sex, we've got lots of suggestions to hopefully get your contractions going.

You’ve made it all the way through your pregnancy, and now is the time to give birth! But if you’re sick and tired of being the size of a house, you’ve gone past your due date and you can’t wait any longer to see your new baby, why not try some of these natural ways on how to bring on labour, to help speed things up?

These natural ways to induce labour aren’t scientifically proven, but have helped mums-to-be in the past. You shouldn’t even think about trying to induce labour unless you’ve gone full term or are overdue. The last few weeks of pregnancy are essential for your baby to learn to breathe on its own, so try to let them come out in their own time.

To be extra safe, talk to your doctor or midwife before you try to induce labour with any of these methods, particularly if you’ve had any complications during your pregnancy.

How to bring on labour: Swimming

Both the gentle movement and the water is thought to be good for starting labour. In fact, it’s what the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, did in the lead up to the birth of her second child, Charlotte. Of course, she does have the luxury of nipping to Buckingham Palace for the use of their pool, rather than having to waddle self-consciously through your local changing rooms.

How to bring on labour: Have sex

At 40 weeks pregnant, chances are you won’t be feeling especially sexy but getting intimate has been known to get labour started. Some studies say his semen can help to stimulate contractions or that the movement may get the uterus working and ready for labour.

Note: Don’t have sex after your waters have broken because it can increase your risk of infection.

Try our easy sex positions, for fun, bedroom ideas.

How to bring on labour: Eat curry

How to bring on labour
Love a vindaloo? Then get dialling and order in your favourite spicy dish because it could mean you’ll be holding your baby that bit sooner. There’s no scientific evidence to prove that this actually works, but the theory is that it stimulates the gut and bowel which gets the womb moving as a result.

Some mums swear by it but bear in mind, going into labour with a full stomach might not be the best of ideas – especially if you’re not usually good with spicy food! If you don’t want to risk a takeaway, try some of our homemade curry recipes – they’re healthier too.

How to bring on labour: Walking

Going for a walk can help to produce labour-inducing chemicals, which can really speed things up.

Walking also increases the pressure the baby’s head puts on the cervix and helps to get it into the right position for labour. This is one of the safest methods to try – there’s no harm in having a gentle stroll, but make sure you take a mobile phone or have someone with you in case it works!

How to bring on labour: Eating pineapple

Forget the canned stuff or juice, but fresh pineapple could help you go into labour. It contains the chemical bromelain which has the power to soften the cervix and speed things up. You might have to eat a lot to feel the effects, but it could well do the trick.

Try our ideas for pineapple recipes if you don’t want to eat it on its own.

How to bring on labour: Bouncing around

How to bring on labour
Taking a bumpy car ride has been known to start contractions. Corrie’s Tina O’Brien reported that bouncing on a trampoline helped bring on labour for her or you could try gently bouncing up and down on your birth or gym ball.

How to bring on labour: Drink raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf tea is different from normal raspberry flavoured tea and some people think it can help induce labour.

Another school of thought says that while raspberry leaf tea doesn’t actually help to speed things along, it does help prepare the muscles of your womb for labour. One study found that women who drank raspberry leaf tea in the last few weeks of their pregnancy had a faster second stage of labour than those who didn’t. And if you can’t stand the taste, raspberry leaf can also be bought in capsule form.

So, there you have it. Worth giving some of these labour-inducing ideas a go if you’re getting desperate.

If you think we’ve missed any ways to start labour out then let us know! Leave a comment in the box below and we’ll try to add it in.