‘Prisoners have more rights than women’ New mum speaks out about pain relief during traumatic birth

A new mum has opened up about her traumatic 32-hour labour, claiming that her requests for pain relief were ignored by hospital staff and that she had to ‘demand’ an epidural.

After giving birth to her first child on 7th May, new mum and reality TV star Cally Jane Beech has spoken out about the treatment she received from medical professionals whilst in labour.

The former Love Island contestant compared women’s rights to being lower than those of criminals, and claimed that she had to ‘demand’ an epidural that consequently saved her baby’s life.

Speaking exclusively to OK! magazine, the mum-of-one explained how every woman has the right to decide her own pain threshold.

‘People in prison have bloody more human rights than women. It shouldn’t be up to anyone else to decide when you’ve had enough pain.’

Cally’s baby girl, Vienna, had to be delivered by C-section, before which she received gas and air, pethidine and eventually an epidural.

‘If I hadn’t have had the epidural then, and they’d kept putting it off like they wanted to, I’d have been in serious trouble. The baby could have died by then.

‘I didn’t really know what was going on. But I could tell by Luis’s face that something was seriously wrong.

‘Her heart rate dropped so I had to have an emergency caesarean section.’

Since sharing her experience the 25-year-old star has said that many other mother’s have come forward to tell their stories, most of which have had her ‘in tears’.

‘A lot of people messaged me about their births and I couldn’t read any more after so many because I was just in tears every five minutes.

‘I promised I would try and be a voice for people this shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. Where are the human rights?’

Read the full interview in the latest issue of OK! magazine.

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