Newborns sharing royal birthday to get silver gift!

Silver is a traditional present for a newborn as it’s supposed to bring the baby good luck and good fortune and, with the arrival of the little Prince of Cambridge, the Royal Mint is going to share the historical event with other mums and dads around the UK.

The Royal Mint has commissioned 2,013 silver coins which will be given to babies born on the 22nd July 2013, the same date as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s little boy. Each of the coins is presented in a blue or pink pouch and inside there’s a card, saying: ‘Solid sterling silver good luck penny’.

What an amazing gift for a newborn – a lucky silver royal penny!

If you, or someone you know, gave birth on July 22nd, then visit to set a Virtual Penny reminder so that if they do give birth on that date, they can claim their lucky penny!

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